Is Your Email Signature Working For You?

Does it help you sell your products and

service and build your team?

"Sales conversions resulting from e-mails are more than 7 times higher than those from social media." - Monetate, Marketing & Website Optimization.

"I've noticed my web hits have gone up because of it. I'm getting more from that than Google marketing!" - Ziporah Paskman, ZRP Video



Every day is an adventure as I continue to explore my love of art and beauty. Jewelry design, flute, nature, permaculture* design, creating email signatures and helping others make up my days. My husband Ron Kule, a published author and artist and I, treat each day as an opportunity to have fun, always finding ways to make each other laugh. 

I’ve always had an eye for color and design.  I worked as a corporate art consultant in Los Angeles and NYC.  In 1997, I began designing custom and limited edition jewelry inspired by the lush Florida landscape and ocean hues.  In 2010, I discovered an innovative marketing tool for promoting jewelry and other businesses, the interactive email signature.  This unique concept fills the need of all business owners – to maximize valuable email space while creating brand awareness.

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I create interactive email signatures for ‘consistent branding that captures attention™ ‘.  I help with customizing them with your contact info and website links and keep them up dated and/or show you how to do this.  See What Is An Email Signature?

My emails and those I receive are bare and ineffective when Compose is clicked when no email signature appears.  The one below is an example of a non-animated design.  Click here for live signatures – the buttons direct the email recipient to important website pages.

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